Friday, November 7, 2008

On A Mission To Create The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to our series of blogs to provide more information about The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast! We are Jess and Chris, two twenty-somethings currently residing in Bellevue Nebraska, which is just outside of Omaha.

We have had a dream for several years now of owning our own bed and breakfast. Recently, we discovered that a nearby property that we had admired from afar was up on the market - and knew it would be the perfect home to begin our bed and breakfast in.

The catch? As twenty-somethings from lower middle class backgrounds, we currently do not have access to the kind of funding it takes to purchase the property that the home resides on.

We do have the following elements in our favor:
- Good credit standing
- We own our current home
- We own our vehicles
- We have tremendous amounts of work ethic and faith

- We have a low combined income
- We've only lived in our current home for 1.5 years, making it hard to get further financing and meaning we may lose money if we try to sell
- Our vehicles aren't really worth much
- Work ethic and faith cannot be used as a down payment on a $225k property

Thus, we prayed for inspiration, and at 2:30am on a warm Tuesday morning, Jess was struck with the inspiration to start the contests that you will find listed here.

We realize that not everyone likes to bid on Ebay, or will have the money to participate, but we hope if nothing else you will pass on this blog to others who may be able to help. Additionally, if the bids are successful, we will also be adding an additional blog page with information on how to pre-book a room at The Boulevard Bed & Breakfast for a special introductory rate to help us begin making The Boulevard Bed & Breakfast a popular destination for guests from all over the world! If all goes smoothly we hope to be able to have the main floor suite available as early as January 2009!

To help make your navigation through our blogs easier, to the right of every page you will find links to each of the other pages, as well as a way to subscribe to each page so that you can stay informed should we add any updates or pictures or should someone leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by and becoming a part of The Boulevard Bed & Breakfast!

**JUST ADDED 11-7-08: A picture of the outside of the property that we would like to turn into The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast can be found as our profile picture!!

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