Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays!

As is common this time of year, things have gotten a little "crazy busy" as we like to call it! Thus, our project has been pushed back one additional week as we work hard to get the business plan ready to go and move in on applying for the business loan.

In the meantime, we have made very exciting steps forward with the portions of the business plan that we have finished, and are looking forward to opening The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast! The home that we plan to purchase is still available, and we have visited several times to make sure we have everything laid out correctly for the remodeling that needs to be done to convert it into a comfortable bed and breakfast. We have also come up with a few more great ideas, such as adding a quiet log cabin in the back side of the lot that can be used by guests during the spring, summer and fall! It will be tucked into the more private edge of the property, about 2 acres back from the main house. That addition won't be ready for quite some time, as we need to work on the main property first, but is still a fun and exciting perk to look forward to!

We have also lined up our web host and will register our domain name soon, meaning all of these blogs will be transferred to a single website! That will happen shortly after we finish our exciting bidding contests.

Please keep checking back on our progress! As we mentioned, the contest has now been moved back one week, to start on Friday, Dec. 12th and go until Sunday Dec. 21st. Thanks!

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